Patient Reviews

Dr. Volpini and his staff are among the best I have ever encountered. Dr. Volpini performed my rotator cuff surgery, which was very entailed, and the results and recovery have been above expectations. I highly recommend Dr. Volpini and his kind, efficient staff. Everyone exhibited professionalism and courtesy to help us through the process.

James K. | Apr 30, 2024
I am a 67-year-old man with 67-year-old osteoarthritis in my feet. Several months ago, I was moving a refrigerator with a hand dolly. As I reached a slight ramp leading into a doorway, the refrigerator tipped over and landed on my left foot. The impact crushed the mid-foot joint on my second toe. I visited Dr. Britt's office in Rockwall and was treated with respect and compassion by the entire team. Dr. Britt proposed a surgical fusion of the joint, which was completed with no complications. After 6 weeks of non-weight bearing on my foot and 6 weeks of physical therapy, I am experiencing no pain and have regained the ability to walk normally. Dr. Britt was easy to converse with and his personality is bright. As I reviewed the post operative x-rays, I was impressed with the precision in which he installed the compression hardware (compression fixture and 2 screws.) I am quite pleased to recommend Dr. Britt to my family and friends and will do so as the opportunity arises.

Ernest W. | Apr 23, 2024
Kevin has been so great in helping me with my knees. He has truly gained my trust, respect and gratitude.

Judy K. | Mar 06, 2024
I am 69 and had a Stage 3 Bunion that resulted in compression sores during my last two ski trips that required 6+ months to fully heal. Modification of my ski boot to make space for the bunion was not successful. Dr. Britt corrected it with a very successful surgery on August 11. Recovery was work, with 10 weeks non-weight bearing on a knee scooter and another 4 weeks in a walking boot. With a custom ski boot fitting and new Nordica rear entry boots December 5, I went on a 5-day ski trip the first week of January with absolutely no foot problems. I'm fully healed, extremely pleased, and glad that I chose to have the surgery.

Dale H. | Feb 07, 2024
Dr. Gross is amazing. Did my hip replacement. This is a doctor who cares about his patients. His knowledge is great. His bed side manner is wonderful. Never fill rushed at appointments. His staff is great. I highly recommend Dr. Gross.

Rhonda S. | Feb 01, 2024